2018 Dhroner Grosser Hengelberg „Monopollage“

A soft scent of tangerines and wet stone delicately pulls up the nose. Limes, tangerines and a ripe yellow apple then set the tone on the tongue. The wine is sensuously sweet on the palate and really tingles, for which we have to thank the brisk acidity of the vein. As soon as it breathes a little, it becomes more grippy in the mouth, combining the sweet fruit with tart, stony minerality. Delicate tobacco notes emerge, on the palate you can feel how lively this wine is, how it pulsates and picks up speed. Apricots briefly hint at their existence in the background. The finish is a very fruity drop, again tart and stony in the aftertaste, with a dash of lime. Drinks away practically by itself.

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Dhroner Großer Hengelberg

Grape variety



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Allergen information: contains sulphites

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