About Us

We are

Producer of great wines since 1900

Controlled low harvest quantities, a strict selection of the grapes (all grapes are harvested and sorted by hand) as well as a particularly gentle grape processing without mechanical stress guarantee the highest quality.

The farm

The focus of the meticulous work in the vineyard and cellar is to bring out the typicality of each individual vineyard.


The external economy is oriented towards natural viticulture, which includes the most environmentally friendly viticulture possible by not using fertilisers or herbicides and insecticides.


The targeted acquisition of old Riesling parcels with genuine roots was also part of the farm's quality concept.


In the cellar management, we consequently renounce any addition of treatment agents such as yeasts and fining agents, as well as acid additives or deacidification limes. Also, no animal proteins are used. All wines, without exception, are fermented spontaneously in large wood or steel.


The results are independent wines full of character and extremely storable, which can only be described as individualists.


Our history

We are a third generation winery in Brauneberg. We took over the business from our parents and continue the tradition that our family started over a hundred years ago.


Third generation
Wilhelm Steinmetz, standing here in the middle of the wine wagon, is the patriarch of our branch of the Steinmetz family. His business was more than wine, it was a butcher, inn, guesthouse and farm as well as a vintner.
Fourth generation
Günther Steinmetz takes over the family business at the age of 17, supports his family and builds up the wine style that is still valid today.
Fifth generation
Stefan übernimmt unter der Führung von Günther als Winemaker die Leitung der Familienmarke.
Current generation
Today, and since 2014, the winery is run by Sammie and Stefan Steinmetz together with their three growing children.

Meet the

Today's viticulture team

We are a family business run by one man and one woman.

Great winemaking needs love and attention.

They should reflect the location, the soil, the microclimate and the characteristics of the vines, i.e. all the peculiarities of the environment in which they are grown - and this while incorporating my personality as a winemaker.

The aim of my efforts is, to create wines that are a "fingerprint" of everything that makes up the character of a great vineyard.